by Ghost Stories

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released September 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Ghost Stories Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michael Prendergast


Philadelphia, PA

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Track Name: Dream
don't think too hard
i got that scar
when i was young
i know it stung
blood on the ground
dont make a sound
im mad at me
just let me see

ripples in you
there's just a few
paint on my hands
head in the sand
problem my skull
i think im full
melts my body
one day you'll see
Track Name: Vision
its not so hard to see that i am strong
but i cant lift this weight for very long
pick it up
pick up the pace
im running faster now than every before

im nearing the end of the line
im gonna roll right through and life my life

i dont feel like explaining myself
i just want to go swim in the pool
deep down
swim low
feel alone
leave it behind
i really dont mind

go away
dont stay
please leave me alone
i have so much to say but i wont
not here
not clear
no tears
just fear
the end
we're done
hi mirror
Track Name: Blood
blood looks blue but it soaks right through
i walked too but you saw right through
you dont care if i look at you
fall right down then you say its true
Track Name: Change (Alex G Cover)
How are you today
i saw your friends band play
a little show last night
its not my thing they were alright
youre in my dream last week
id like to hear what you think
we passed a house driving fast
the sun was shining on the grass
you made me stop and leave the car
you pulled my sleeve but not too hard
remember when you took too much
i didnt mind being your crutch
we loved you then
its not the same

i dont like how things change
Track Name: Asphalt
sweet sara rode her skateboard down that long and winding road
the summer sun beat on her but she could still feel the cold
she fell and scraped her knee but she enjoyed the pain it seemed
she knew that it looked cool and that she'd never have feelings

my fault

lucy lost her mind and went ahead and shook the knife
she didnt hesitate it seemed although the wound was deep
i heard she followed you to that all that blue up in the clouds
i wont but i want to i dont know who you say that to