Sal's Journey Through Space

by Ghost Stories

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a few songs ive been sitting on


released March 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Ghost Stories Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michael Prendergast


Philadelphia, PA

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Track Name: Heart
i dont know what you want from me
sayin sorry that's a sight to see

i'll keep you in the back of my mind
teach me lessons for the rest of my life


cant wait for the day i leave this town
always thinkin bout how its bringing me down

i try to sleep but i cant clear my head
always spinnin maybe im better off dead


driving 90 into the city tonight
feel alive but i know that you're always right

hold my hand and let me see what you see
bring me close and ill teach you to be free


youre not alone but you feel like youre by yourself
close your eyes and put your heart on the shelf

dont be afriad im here ill go where you go
just let me know whenever youre feeling low
Track Name: Deep Blue
he takes a step towards a fall through
he cant figure out how to hold you
its not him but i can see why
you would think that

sleep more so you can be healthy
i just want someone who can help me
it is me so i can see why
you thought that
Track Name: New York to San Francisco
hiding from friends just to be alone
i like when my mom calls me on the phone

meet - me downtown i want to see you
its been too many days although its just a few

im kind of tired i guess i should go
maybe ill see you later at some stupid show

walking home from class makes me feel alright
at least until my lamp goes out for the night
Track Name: A Small Creek
don't think too hard
i got that scar
when i was young
i know it stung
blood on the ground
dont make a sound
im mad at me
just let me see

ripples in you
there's just a few
paint on my hands
head in the sand
problem my skull
i think im full
melts my body
one day you'll see